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November 15th 2022

Malt’s new CI, 1 year later

Back in August 2021 my colleague Johan wrote on this blog what CI system Malt chose to migrate to —  [...]
gitlab-ci pos continuous-integration continous-delivery developer-experience
June 21st 2022

Micro Frontend at Malt

The product team at Malt is organized in tribes. A tribe is a big functional area reflecting a part [...]
vuejs micro-frontends frontend
June 20th 2022

Vue.js Amsterdam 2022 — Day 1

Vue.js Amsterdam 2022 — Day 1 This year, a part of the Malt frontend team had the opportunity to att [...]
conference frontend vuejs
April 21st 2022

Engineering career path at Malt

This articles introduces the first public version of our engineering career path at Malt. It mainly [...]
career-paths software-engineering principal-engineer engineering-mangement staff-engineer
April 14th 2022

Malt Tech Days, product and tech culture on steroids

We organized the 4th edition of ‘Malt Tech Days’ on March 15 and 16. And as in previous years, we pu [...]
curiosity meetup tech engineer malt
April 1st 2022

Design system story (partie 1)

En septembre 2021, nous avons enclenché u̶n̶ ̶v̶i̶r̶a̶g̶e̶ ̶à̶ ̶3̶6̶0̶° un tournant dans la gestion [...]
frontend javascript design-systems stenciljs web-components

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