The benefits you get when joining us

  • We invest in people's personal development
  • You have freedom to choose where you work
  • Malt Sabbatical: after three years of seniority, every employee is entitled to one month’s paid sabbatical leave
  • You'll have the choice of your laptop, the OS and the IDE. We don't compromise on your comfort and productivity
  • If you want to attend a conference, Malt pays for the ticket and the accommodation
  • We organize regular offsites to foster emulation within the team
  • Every employee is entitled to stock options (BSPCE)
  • Free books - For any subject directly or indirectly related to your work, we will order the book for you, without any approval process or headaches

Mutual aid, diversity and inclusion

Malt is committed to equal employment opportunities regardless of your gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity or disability.

Mutual aid and sharing are two key elements of our internal culture. When you join us, you will be surrounded by experienced, versatile colleagues who are always ready to help you progress.

Career path

Being impact oriented is one of Malt’s product team’s mantra. It means being focused on the outcome (results) more than the output (projects, technology, deadlines).
Product people's influence area can be visualized as a set of concentric circles, centered on the person. Progressing in this career path means improving impact’s intensity as well as extending this area.
We value managers and individual contributors equally to create this impact.
If you want to find out more, take a look at Malt’s career path

Want to know more about how we work?

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